march 19th, my birthday breakfast…

Celebrating yet another birthday can be soooo depressing… but not when you celebrate with two fabulous people…

My dear friends, Lyndsy and Schram took me to the Beverly HIlls Hotel for a birthday breakfast at the Polo Lounge.

Conceived in 1914 the Beverly Hills Hotel is a Los Angeles staple. Once frequented by Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe, now this stunning, classic, elegant hotel is home to posh lunches, dinners, drinks, poolside bungalows and five star treatment.

After a fabulous breakfast, where I’m pretty sure we ordered “one of everything” on the menu, Lyndsy voted we explore the Beverly HIlls Hotel grounds… and later decided she wanted to pretend she and Schram were getting engaged under the famous wedding gazebo (actors)… it made for a fabulous breakfast and even more fabulous photo shoot…

I’m forever grateful to all of my loved ones for always making me feel so special on birthday… the cards, the gifts, the calls, the texts… thank you! My life is special because of all of you!

Thank you to Lyndsy and Schram for a wonderful birthday!


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