it’s wedding season…

In honor of my best friend and blog editor Rachel getting engaged this week… lets talk weddings…

Congratulations Rachel! 

While I have always loved attending weddings, I have to admit, I have never been a “wedding girl.” You know, the girl that dreams of meeting that special someone, having a perfect engagement followed by a perfect wedding with matching bridesmaids dresses, hair and nails. She buys wedding magazines the day after a first date with a potential Mr. Right and begins the hunt for the perfect gown and the perfect song to accompany her graceful “right together, left together” walk down the aisle. Let’s not forget the essential tiara and selecting bridesmaids and flower girls… and her nails are always expertly manicured in anticipation of a big diamond ring (even if there isn’t a potential candidate). While there is no shame in daydreaming about your “Big Day” with your perfect Mr., it just wasn’t me. It seemed I was the last girl over the age of 20 without my own secret (or in many cases, not so secret) wedding Pinterest board.

That being said, now that I have had my own wedding, I am now obsessed with weddings and everything that goes along with them. I can’t get enough. If you are newly engaged, I’m your girl. Lets talk napkins, DJ’s, photographers, hair, makeup, dresses, appetizers, ceremony, honeymoon, transportation, lodging, welcome bags, flowers, jewelry, candles, drinks, rehearsal dinner, venues and venders all day long.

Hi my name is Joy, and I am a wedding addict.

Before you arrive at your big day, you have to run the gauntlet of pre-wedding events. Obviously, my personal favorite is the bridal shower since I was lucky enough to have two! I thought it was important to have a fun, girly shower in the city (New York City that is).  This shower included my “NYC girls”,  i.e. my “city family” they are the ladies who keep me sane in this big bad metropolis.  I also opted for a more traditional hometown shower hosted by my mom and my sisters.

Since wedding season is upon us, I imagine many of you will be attending and/or planning your fair share of showers in the near future. Hopefully, this post can provide a little bit of inspiration.

My first bridal shower in NYC was a fabulous lingerie fete’ planned by my best friends, Rachel, Michelle and Britney (all of these ladies played a special part in our wedding ceremony because they play a special part in our lives). I told them I wanted a GIRLS NIGHT filled with laughter, stories, friendship, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, bonding and plenty of scanty nighties to pack on my honeymoon, and boy oh boy did I get just that! Aside from the amazing food and drinks, they surprised me with a “Newlywed Game” style video quiz staring my fiancé (obviously this overachiever aced it– Which naturally drove Michelle mad because I only had to do one shot of vodka). There was also a book of handmade NYC maps that each one of my girlfriends drew to represent our friendship and life together in NYC. These city girls are amazing!  It was an emotional night for me as all of the women I love and admire broke bread and toasted my future with my soon to be husband. I feel extremely blessed to have such a special group of inspiring, generous, smart, talented, successful and kind women in my life.  Thank you to my NYC gals for your unconditional love and inspiring me to be better and do better.

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My hometown shower:

If planning my own wedding in five months wasn’t enough of a challenge, I decided I would plan my own hometown wedding shower.

Growing up, my big sisters always supported and loved me with every bone in their bodies, even if that meant picking on me (Jenine). They know me better than I know myself, so it was no surprise to them when I said, “I’ll plan my shower.” They laughed, were slightly relieved and then handed over their credit cards (a moment I’m sure they both regret). The planning process allowed me to have complete control (if you knew me you’d understand) and also gave my sisters and I the opportunity for daily chats and bonding time… hello weekend binge crafting at Jen’s house! Centerpieces and custom place settings do not make themselves. In all seriousness, my sisters and my mother are incredible. I am inspired by their generosity and selflessness, and I will look back on this shower and the time we spent planning with fondest of memories.  I can’t thank them enough for letting me boss them around as they fronted the bill…

The vision for my shower came from a photo I saw while visiting a friend from the south. I wanted an old school southern feel with my own New York City twist. That translated to lots of mason jars and wine bottles. My sisters and I selected a Winery just outside our hometown that sits on top of a well manicured hill and serves the best white wine a girl could ask for. On a gorgeous Sunday in August, some of the most important ladies in my life sipped on lemonade and chardonnay, ate incredible food, shared hilarious antidotes and kept cool with the personalized pink fans. It was perfect!

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 For more wedding goodness visit the “our wedding” page on this site.

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  1. Great little Wedding Planer……When Joy’s in charge….it’s a winner! “Joy” of all trades! I’m so very proud of you!

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