my new york…

The pulse of the city often makes people tense.

The number of people that can surround you at any given moment can make people claustrophobic.

The never ending noises and honking of yellow chariots often gives people a headache.

But in my New York… I long for and love all of those things…

It was a blessed visit in the Big Apple. I picked up right where I left off… visiting with friends, taking in a Broadway show, auditioning, a class or two at Juilliard, teaching my students, amazing brunches, lunches, and dinners… and the best part of all… telling my friends in person that I was pregnant!

dear new york… i love you… and thank you for loving me back…


I can never resist a meal at The Smith, so when Rachel suggested a breakfast there as soon as my plane landed… I happily agreed.


Reunited with my amazing students at Broadway Workshop. I am constantly inspired by them and their fearlessness!


As Meg celebrates her new downton apartment… we celebrate with brunch at Chez Sardine.

Don’t skimp… order one of everything on the brunch menu… especially the Strawberry salad, Chocalate Banana Bread, Egg Sandwich and Fedora Burger.

Juilliard Drama Division Alumni event

There is something so magical, mysteries and inspiring about being back in that building and in the drama wing. I’ll forever be grateful to everyone at Juilliard!


My old stand by… and no, I’m not talking about my roommate of 8 years, Matt, or one of my dearest friends, Michelle… I’m talking about Blockheads… burrito heaven…

Nothing like starting your day off right… my favorite…  a NYC bagal with cream cheese and cumber!


Finally getting to meet the little man… my sweet friend Lauren’s sweet baby boy, Jesse Feldman… aka my sons future best friend.


Watching my friend Sutton Foster do what she does best… BROADWAY! Go see her in Violet!

Dinner with the bestie… she always knows how to pick a resteraunt… ABC Cocina!


2 Comments on “my new york…

  1. Great story and pics! This would make anyone fall in love with NYC! Can’t wait til you’re back on this coast for good!

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