My sister Jennifer…



Today is my sister Jennifer’s wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to her and my amazing brother-in-law, Mike!

She has been married for 16 years!!!

It seems like just yesterday I sang at her wedding in my slate grey, cowl neck bridesmaid dress with pearl chocker, matching elbow length gloves and French twist up-do… (it was the 90’s so it worked). In any case, she looked radiant that day in her form fitting, white, beaded, high neck, open back mermaid gown and big billowing wedding veil… absolutely stunning!


My oldest sister, Jennifer, is a force to reckoned with. She was the first born, and therefore, she had it tougher than me (the youngest) and Jenine (the middle). Her curfew was at 10pm, verses Jenine’s 11pm curfew and my… well “what curfew.” She had to get straight A’s.  She had to be active, respectful and succefful.  She had to be someone her younger sisters could look up to.  She had to do everything first and set the example and pave the road for Jenine and I.  She had four years with my parents all to herself. My mom tells me stories of how much time the first born gets… how much attention to detail. Not that my parents didn’t love Jenine and I as much as they loved Jen or pay as much attention to us…it’s just she was thier “first” and that meant she was an only child for four years. They were delicate with her. They spent every day teaching her and learning from her, and they groomed herfor great things… and boy did she deliver.


There was never a day that I was not proud of my big sister, Jen. Almost
ten years older than me, she was more of a second mother than a sister. In
fact, I can’t recall a single fight we had growing up, but I can recall her
doing my set of chores so I didn’t cry, giving up the bigger better piece
of ice cream cake, slipping me twenty dollar bills every chance she had,
sticking up for me during family fights, letting me be a part of any pool
party she had out back, and smiling at everything I did or “attempted” to
do. She was a wonderful big sister and set quite the example for me and Jenine.

Jennifer was born on September 28th. My mom’s first born came into this
beautiful world on September 28th. When the doctor told me that my first
baby was due on September 28th, the first person I thought of was my big
sister Jennifer. Joy filled my heart as I thought about my sister and her
tenacity, love, determination, perfectionism, morals, values and not to
mention, the gorgeous life she created. She has an amazing husband and is
raising two perfect boys.


I pray that my first born will follow in the footsteps of my
mothers first born. Here is to the countdown to September 28th. Here is to
my sister Jennifer, the first born. Here is to the first born. May God
bless him with Jennifer’s drive, intelligence, determination and

7 Comments on “My sister Jennifer…

    • What a beautiful tribute to your oldest sister, my first born! You will love your first born no more than any other of your children! A mother’s love cannot be explained…just experienced! May God bless you with all the wonderful experiences (and more) that He has blessed me with from all three of my children….my lovely girls!

  1. So beautiful, Joy! Praying for you with this little boy. Makes me think of Grace, now serving the Lord as a translator in Cameroon with Wycliffe. Interestingly enough, Dan and my 22nd anniversary is also today!! Blessings, Natalie Duval (Mom of Grace, Claire, Lydia, Gisele, and Joel)

    Please note: message attached

  2. Such a beautiful homage to Jennifer. And to think there is a birthday connection is splendid. So happy for you and I know your sisters are both thrilled as well!

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