I remember the first time I heard that word… I was so confused.

When my friend, Rachel, brought it up in a conversation about friends having babies, I was totally lost… A baby what?? She sensed my confusion and quickly explained what a “Babymoon” is. To be completely honest, I found the idea a bit pretentious… Babymoon: Your last solo vacation without kids as husband and wife.

I remember thinking: (a) I’m going to travel with my kids, so who needs one last “hurrah?” and (b) I hope I marry someone that wants to continue to date me and travel with me — with or without our kids. What’s the point?!?

Cut to four years later… I married the man of my dreams, and we are pregnant with our first baby. The first thing we did… was plan our babymoon. In fact, we started planning our babymoon on our honeymoon, and we weren’t even expecting yet.

While the word is silly, and let’s face it… a bit pretentious, I totally get it. It’s not about being selfish. It’s not about “alone” time. It’s not about lavish or extravagant trips. It’s not about one last “hurrah.” It’s about disconnecting from reality for a moment, so that you and your spouse can reconnect and communicate about the changes, expectations and preparations for your upcoming bundle of joy.

We recently returned from our babymoon, and I now understand the “word” and concept more than ever. My husband will look for any reason to plan a vacation so it’s safe to say he too embraced the word and the R&R.

We went to Maui on our “babymoon,” and it was breathtaking and perfect. It reminded me how lucky I am to be married to Devin and how blessed we are to be able to start a family!

Every time I look at the photos from the trip I am filled with instant happiness. I have a full heart, not just because I spent a week in Hawaii, but because it was a celebration of what’s to come… The blessing of starting our own family.


Here is to our Babymoon, our baby and the celebration of life!


Some highlights from the trip:

The amazing Andaz Resort!

The food was incredible EVERYWHERE we went (and so were the non-alcoholic drinks)

Our Hawaii trip included many “firsts”… from surfing lessons to a traditional Hawaiian luau

2 Comments on “babymoon…

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful you. How blessed are you both. Continued prayers for Baby Boy. May every moment be a celebration of life. Hugs and Love!

  2. And now I know what a “baby moon” is! So happy for the two of you! Great pics! May God continue to bless you both (and the little one) with good health and much happiness.

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