our baby picnic…

The Party

 After spending the last 6 months either in LA for auditions or on the road for work, Devin and I met in Pittsburgh to finally celebrate the blessing of this pregnancy with some of our closest friends and family.

My mom and sisters helped me to throw an amazing baby picnic… while my husband smiled and shook his head every time I asked if we could add to the “budget” (he is convinced I don’t know what that word means).  I have the most supportive family in the world, and Devin and I are constantly amazed and humbled by their selflessness and desire to help us, travel to celebrate with us and support us…

This party was no exception… from making lemonade, to picking up cupcakes and lawn games my ideal “baby party” was realized.


(click on the photos to view slide show or to enlarge)

Thank you to our amazing family and friends for your love, support and generosity.

Some of our favorite people were there… from childhood and high school besties to our amazing and supportive familys.  Not to mention some of our best friends from New York made the trip to Pittsburgh for this special party.



The day was filled with gorgeous weather, lawn games, kid activities and much more…

While visiting with my Uncle Joe during the party he said “I have one bone to pick with you about your blog… you build your husband up so much he makes all of us other husbands look bad.”

Sorry Uncle Joe he really is that great!

I thank God everyday for Devin (and not just because he is so stinking cute) but he makes life so much better… so much easier… so much more fun… and he puts up with me.

Devin, I am so excited to start our family! I love you!


special thanks to Patty & Jim Yeschenko, Gene & Laurie Suprano, Dave & Debbie Hanna, Michael & Jennifer Callahan and Jenine Suprano and Chris for their help and/or contributions.

2 Comments on “our baby picnic…

  1. Every opportunity to celebrate with family is a blessing, and you always make it so much fun!! We are so excited for our grandson #babyboyhanna to join the family and cannot wait to shower him with LOVE! Prayers continue for you and Devin for a healthy delivery, restful moments, and God’s arms around you every day of this new life. Love & Hugs,

  2. Such a beautiful day! We were very happy yo be a part of it. God bless you, Devin, and your sweet little son. Love you, Claudia & Allan

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