one month old…

Dear Cash,

Today you are ONE MONTH OLD! Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday we found out we were pregnant! It’s been a month of firsts for you and for us…

After your birth, you and daddy went to do the essentials with the Pediatrician: height, weight, bath, and your first shot… all the important stuff to keep you healthy and safe. You and I were reunited in the recovery room, and from that moment, I haven’t left your side. The hospital was pretty uneventful for you. You slept the entire time! Your father and I would stare at you and wait for you to wake up, even for a second, so we could hold you and love on you. You proved to be a prenatal nurse favorite. They all told us how “cute” you were and that you were “such a good baby.” Obviously, we agreed!

When we came home you made things very easy on us!

My favorite time with you is feeding time, especially in the middle of the night when it’s just you and me, and you are sleepy and needy and hold on to my hand as you nurse. You make all kinds of funny noises… lots of grunting and a sound your father and I have yet to define. We agree it sounds very similar to Woody The Woodpecker’s laugh!

You take after your dad when it comes to timing. You are ready to eat every three hours to the minute (never late for a meal).

You take after me in the morning. You’re a little fussy, but it doesn’t last two long.

You are a very big boy. Your doctor says your growth is “off the charts.” In fact, you never were able to wear any of your newborn clothing. At one month old, you are in sizes 3-6 months.

You LOVE bath time, long walks in your stroller, car rides and falling asleep on my lap. You love when your daddy raps to you (go figure) and when mommy sings “You Are My Sunshine.” You are mesmerized by Nana’s voice (she helped take care of you all month) and are prayed for by many friends and family members all over the country.

I steel as many kisses from you as possible because I know there will come a day when you say, “Mom, stop kissing me.”

One small request sweet boy… Please don’t grow up too fast!

We love you very much! Welcome to the world, and Happy One Month, Cash!

 Sweet Baby Boy Adventures

As little boys begin to grow,

you find they’re always on the go.

Imagining that they might be

off sailing far across the sea.

Or driving sports cars in a race,

then flying rockets into space…

They’d rather play than take a nap,

and tend to squirm when on a lap,

preferring mud and catching bugs

to getting kissed or giving hugs.

But that times still a while away,

and peekaboo’s the game to play…

For now, just hold that sweet boy tight,

enjoying every new delight,

each coo, each laugh, each little grin,

with each new day that you begin –

A busy world of fun for you

has just arrived in baby blue.

author unknown

2 Comments on “one month old…

  1. Happy 1-Month, Cash! Grandma & Grandpap LOVE you!
    Yes, you are! . . . . . .. prayed for by many friends and family members all over the country.

  2. Sweet baby Cash, I was with you for your first three weeks of your life and I miss you so much already. When I see you again you will have grown bigger and more aware of all your surroundings. What a joy it is to be a grandparent!
    My dear sweet Joy, unfortunately our children grow up way too fast, take it from me…only yesterday you were my little baby girl whom I held in my arms, guided you through your early years of school, held my breath and prayed as you went off to New York City to pursue your career, and watched with pride as you walked down the isle to marry the man of your dreams! Cherish every moment, every year of your child’s life….it does go by ever so quickly. However, with each new experience, comes more happiness and pride that only a parent can claim….and then all of a sudden you are a grandparent…a blessed extension of parenting!!!

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