Two weeks ago during my “mom’s group” meeting at church, one of the mothers explained that in the book she was reading, the author encourages the readers to look for and enjoy the “sunsets” in their lives…The things that remind you how beautiful life is.

As a new mom, it’s easy for my days to become a blur of feedings, diapers and… well… more feedings. I know this time with my new little family is infinitely precious and full of once in a lifetime moments I want to be fully present for, so for last two weeks, I have made a conscious effort to start “clocking” and really soaking up my sunsets…

My son’s smile
A cross country visit from my big sister.
Sunday lunch with my husband while the sun shines on us.
Homemade pumpkin bread that makes my hubby happy.
A killer pair of shoes.
An afternoon stroll along the water with my son.
Iced coffee from Philz Coffee.
Fresh Flowers.
Amazing friends that fly in from all over the country to meet our newborn.
My weekly “Moms Group” meeting.
A good Doctors report.
Brunch with husband and sister watching the hustle of tourists and locals at the Ferry Building.
My son, my son, my son!

I love my sunsets…

I’m so glad I’m finally taking time to watch the sunsets. I have so much to be thankful for…

3 Comments on “sunsets…

  1. Every sunrise is a new beginning; every sunset, a thankful ending. Take time to enjoy them both, as the days go by quickly. We love you!

  2. Hey Joy – this is Angela Tsai (and Mike Hollick) saying a huge hello and congrats on the wedding, baby, everything! So wonderful seeing you (at least online here) after all these years! I have a question for you, as a new mom — can you please email me (I think your blog will capture my email address) when you can?

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