so much change in so little time…

Preston Cash Hanna is TWO MONTHS OLD!

his stats:

  • length: 25″
  • weight: 15 pounds (no that is not a typo… our son is large and in charge)

Dear Cash,

It has been an eventful month for you!

A month of discoveries

You have discovered your voice!!! You are loud and proud of your gurgles and coos. You love to “talk,” and you have mommy and daddy’s full attention when you do!

You have not only discovered your voice, you have discovered your hands… and you can’t keep them out of your mouth. As you suck on them and explore, I sense a little bit of frustration. I think it’s because you are searching for your thumb but haven’t quite figured it out yet. Chances are you will find it buddy… keep trying.

Since your sensory skills have kicked in, your dad and I make sure to give you plenty of “gym time” on your play mat with mirrors, mobiles and rattles! Boy oh boy, do you love the mirror (like father like son). You love your play mat!

Together you and I have discovered an official bed time! 8pm sharp. Sometimes you fall asleep the minute I lay you down. Other times you talk yourself to sleep, which of course, makes me want to lie next to you and hear all about your day. I check on you every fifteen minutes. Selfishly, I love to watch you peacefully sleep with your hands over your head… simply adorable.

You and I spend every day together, and you have become quite the morning lover. You wake up every morning between 6:30am and 9am, and after you have had your breakfast (and sometimes during), you smile from ear to ear and can’t wait to tell me all about your night. Your coos and your smile melt my heart. There is no better way to wake up!

You and I are discovering all kinds of blessing in this city, and we are taking advantage of the beautiful California weather. Since you love your stroller, and I love the exercise, we have daily activities which include either taking walks, shopping or going out for coffee or lunch.

This month you are starting to discover just how many people love you! Not only did you get a special visit from Aunt Jen, but you have become quite the ladies man. Lyndsy and Rachel both flew in just to spend time with you too! You enjoyed getting spoiled by all three of them, and your father and I feel blessed that our son is such a priority in all of their busy lives! Thank you Aunt Jen, Rachel and Lyndsy for making all three of us feel so special!

 My son, you and your discoveries make me so happy!

“Wee little baby fresh from God’s arms,

you light up the world with your sweet baby charms.

May God bless you with love and with grace,

and may joy always shine on your dear little face.”

3 Comments on “so much change in so little time…

  1. Thank you for sharing your son with me! From a distance, I feel like I am getting to know and love your sweet son!!

  2. How fun as you are experiencing the “Joy” of motherhood! I’m so happy for you and thankful…..through these wonderful pictures and great stories you are helping me to relive my “Joy” of long ago….it seems as though that was only yesterday when that was you! Continue to embrace each moment, as they grow up way too fast. May God continue to bless and keep you all in His loving grace.

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