123 days… and we are still obsessed…

Today Cash turns 4 months old!

I wish I could freeze time… it’s all going so fast. It was just one year ago we found out we were pregnant!

It has been a very eventful two months. So eventful, I didn’t have time to write at all during your third month! Sorry buddy! So todays post is dedicated to month THREE AND FOUR!

Dear Cash,

You are the BEST!

Your father and I stare at you while you sleep and talk about how much we love you.

We fight over who gets to push your stroller, change your diaper or sing you to sleep (well, in your dad’s case, “rap” you to sleep).

Your “publicity tour” began at 8 weeks old…

You traveled across the country and back meeting sooooo many people, and they all seem to share our sentiment. One word everyone used to describe you when they met you (besides “cute… huge, chubby, large and big”) was content.

You are officially a “traveling baby!” You were a rock star on your first flight and have flown 3 times since. Officially following in your parents footsteps from “west side to west side,” you transitioned perfectly from sunny Los Angeles to snowy New York.

You are our little west side to west sider.

We took you to NYC in the dead of winter where you rode in countless taxi’s, sat in on mommy’s acting classes, met some of your/our most favorite people in the world and learned to love your travel bed and your cheeks being pinched. The New York trip was so special for us to see so many people make you such a priority and swoon over you.

Unfortunately, your first road trip didn’t go as well as your first flight. On our trip from NYC to Pittsburgh you started to form an opinion about being stuck in a car seat… but lucky for you, at the end of the road trip you were reunited with your Nana and Aunt Jen and got to meet so many others… Aunt Jenine, Aunt Erin, Aunt Dona, Aunt Diane, all of your amazing Grandparents, all of your family, and all of our high school friends…

and who can forget your new “Aunts,” Missy, Nikki, Dana and Kelly… who all showered you with love, hugs and gifts.

However, as much as you enjoyed meeting all of those special people, something tells us you enjoyed your time with Cuz D and Cuz B the most. Your father and I are so grateful to our nephews Donovan and Brayden for showing you so much love and attention during their Christmas break! We reminded them everyday how you will look up to them, love them and count on them to be role models.

* Jeremiah 1:5 *

Since the day your father and I found out you were “on the way,” God has showered us with support and blessings. It was so important to us to have you dedicated at church the first chance we got, and…


You were dedicated at Amplify Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Pastor Lee Kricher, who married your father and I and who was a major influence in my upbringing, performed the dedication and service. If that isn’t special enough, you shared the stage with his granddaughter who is one of mommy’s dearest friend’s daughter.

Twenty of your closest family members shared this amazing moment with us!

After a magical Christmas and New Years, hundreds of new friends and out growing EVERY article of clothing I packed for you, your six week publicity tour ended, and we headed back to San Francisco.

As things quieted down, we were able to recognize all of your three AND four month “baby mile stones”… cooing, grabbing, laughing, trying to roll over, neck and back strength, sleeping in your crib, becoming aware of everything around you, acclimating to scheduled naps, forming opinions about toys, music, and mommy and daddy’s jokes…

Your favorite moments are when daddy reads you, “Green Eggs & Ham” and when I sing you “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” These are two sure ways to see your toothless, ear to ear smile that melts our hearts!


Just when we think we can’t love you anymore, you grab ahold of our hand with your little fingers, look us in the eye and smile. Our wish as parents is that we will not take these moments for grated and that we will always take time to hold hands and smile! Happy Four Months!



3 Comments on “123 days… and we are still obsessed…

  1. So special! I love that I feel like I get to know Cash through this wonderful blog! Thanks for “sharing” him with me!!!

  2. Beautiful!! A great read… Loved following baby Cash and your journey as a family!! Looks like a lot of love… Very happy for you all!! Enjoy!

  3. I share your feelings, my sweet Joyous. He is growing fast and cuter each day! The month of December, 2014 was the best ever…..having my entire family (and extended family) all together was special and our newest member, sweet baby Cash, was God’s greatest blessing of all!
    Love and miss you all,

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