FIVE months… insert foot in mouth!

FIVE months… insert foot in mouth!
(you officially are obsessed with your feet)

You have been very busy this month… and I’m not just talking about music classes, play dates, picnics and trips to Los Angeles. I’m talking rolling over, discovering your toes and cutting TWO teeth. You have been so busy learning how to use your hands and body that I think you forgot how to sleep through the night. Well, who can blame you? After all, if I was discovering all that goodness, I wouldn’t want to sleep either.

Teething was not your finest moment, and as a mom, it was hard not being able to make the pain go away. Thankfully, 5 days later you were smiling and showing off your new “big boy” smile. It’s the same smile you flaunt every time you role over!

You and I have been making trips to Los Angeles for my auditions and meetings, and you have been an angel every step of the way (even on the six hour car ride). We have had a ton of mommy/son time this month while Daddy stayed busy traveling to NYC and France for work.

While in LA, you met so many new faces and were reunited with some of your favorite faces: Nana, Aunt Lyndsy and Uncle Schram.  They all continue to say the same thing… that you are so fun to be around! (Your father and I agree)

(meeting Teyonah and Corey)

Aunt Lyndsy not only welcomed us and our car load of cribs, play mats, bathtubs, toys and strollers, but she babysat you during my acting classes, auditions, photos shoots and meetings. We owe Aunt Lyndsy big time! You love her and laugh at everything she does!  You are already ladies man!

(Aunt Lyndsy time is the best time)

Speaking of laughing, you are obsessed with “Itsy-Bitsy Spider!” It’s a guaranteed good time for you and has come in handy during many a photo shoot and post bath time diaper change.

While we were in LA, Nana flew across the country to visit us and help take care of you! Your father and I are forever grateful for Nana and her flexibility and willingness to help at the drop of a hat. We were able to play tourist while she visited, and you loved every second of it. From checking out the walk of fame, Hollywood Boulevard and The Santa Monica Pier to visiting and shopping in Beverly Hills and becoming an “Oscar Award” winning 5 month old, you had quite the month!


While LA was very exciting, we have been staying busy in San Francisco too with your girlfriends Emory and Maya, as well as Superbowl parities, playdates, picnics in Alamo Square (aka the “Full House” park) and music classes with your friend Cade!


(Alamo Square, San Francisco)


(music class with Cade)

Some stats: at your Four Month check up you were just under 20 pounds and measured at 29″!  When strangers ask us how you old we always get the same reaction… after the jaw drop they normally say “wow, big boy”.

Things I don’t want to ever forget about this magical month: How everything goes from hand to mouth (especially your feet), how excited you were when we toured Hollywood– you laughed, sang and were mesmerized the whole time, the smile you give me when you wake from your nap, the pterodactyl dinosaur sounds you make when you are super excited, how loud you get when you are tired, the dimples on your hands and the “fat” rolls on your wrists, how curious you are about the dog and cat and light fixtures and most of all how every night this month you fell asleep in my arms!

Aunt Jenine sent us this poem. 5 months into motherhood and I already know it to be true…

Ten Things Your Mom Never Told You

You made her cry… a lot.
She wanted the last piece of pie
It hurt
She was always afraid
She Knows she’s not perfect
She watched you as you slept
She carried you a lot longer than nine months
It broker her heart every time you cried.
She put you first
She would do it all again

5 Comments on “FIVE months… insert foot in mouth!

  1. Absolutely love reading your blog, and getting to stay up-to-date with Cash ‘ s progress! He is so adorable, and I am grateful to be able to see him growing! Thanks for sharing his journey!! Love to all!!

  2. Love to keep up with your family as well. Love to read your thoughts.. And love the pics even more..can’t wait to see adorable baby Cash’s next adventures!

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