forgiveness + hope = celebration


Devin and I have so much to celebrate this Easter.  But then again, don’t we all?

Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross so that we may be forgiven.

Christian or not… Easter is a great reminder of forgiveness and hope.

In fact, Mark 14:50 says that Jesus’ Disciples “left” Jesus when things got tough. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing but my point is… even the Disciples made mistakes.  They abandon the “big” Man during His darkest hours, some lied, some cheated, and for a moment some even lost faith…  Jesus’ Disciples, His band of brothers, His bff’s, His boys did not live a “sinless” or “blameless” life, yet Jesus never gave his friends the silent treatment, he didn’t judge them, he didn’t talk bad about them… He forgave them and had hope in their ability to be better. He helped them. He inspired them. He didn’t give up on them.

Regardless of your belief in the Bible or your belief in Religion may you let this holiday inspire you to judge less and forgive more…

May we have hope in the broken, hope in the hopeless and even hope in those we don’t understand or those who don’t understand us.

I am grateful everyday for the ability to forgive and to be forgiven…

and thus a reason to celebrate…

and throw a party…

and eat lots of Cadbury Creme Eggs… among other things… like a bundt cake.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cash’s First Easter Egg Hunt!

In many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth… another reminder of Easter’s ability to inspire one to have hope in a “fresh start”.


One Comment on “forgiveness + hope = celebration

  1. Well said, Joyous! Simply put and right on the mark! And you sure know how to celebrate! What a great looking party! You are truly blessed and I celebrate YOU! You are truly a “Joy”!
    God’s blessings to you always!

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