6 months… paging doctor cash…

Grammie and Cash to the rescue.


In month 6, you and Grammie nursed daddy and helped him get back on his feet after he had ACL surgery.

Grammie not only kept track of Dad’s meds, bandages and exercises, but she made sure there was food on the table and plenty of Grammie/Cash play time!


It wasn’t all work for Grammie. Your daddy did give her one day off to enjoy the California sunshine and some top San Francisco tourist spots. You slept the whole time… as usual. However, Grammie and I made the most of our day by enjoying fish and chips at the Wharf and shopping for your cousin Landon. We had a wonderful time!

It’s been a month of

solidifying everything you started learning in month 5!

You are officially sitting up, saying “Dada,” and now you have graduated from eating your toes to eating solids (or at least mommy tries to get you to eat your solids).

You don’t “love” this whole solid food eating thing… Your first food was a taste of an apple, and you loved it. So when the doc gave me the okay to start officially feeding you, I thought you would dive in… It was more like spit out.

Your first official food was avocado, and you literally gagged. So I moved on quickly to sweet potatoes… Still gagged… Then I tried pear, and we made some progress, but I think it’s only because Grammie was feeding you.

Finally, through recommendation of Aunt Lauren, we tried avocado and banana mixed together. You actually liked it! From there, you and I have been exploring new foods 2 to 3 times a day trying everything from beans to organic puffs. I’m trying to find something you can sink your teeth into… That’s right you have acquired MORE teeth. You now have a tooth for each month you have been alive! SIX TEETH!


Your stats:

Weight: 22 pounds

Height: 29″

Clothing Size: 12-18 months

Head: Sooooo big!

Your dad and I are having more fun with you than ever.

You love music class with me (you light up the minute teacher Heather starts singing or playing an instrument). You also enjoy all your play dates with Emory and Maya and don’t mind that I take you everywhere I go… You and I have become regulars at the grocery store and Philz Coffee Shop.

I try not to hog you toooooooo much… you looooove playtime with daddy. Especially when he uses his hand i.e. “the claw” to make you laugh and giggle.

Thank you for filling the home with laughter and giggles and for filling our hearts with happiness and wholeness. We love you more and more each day!

We continue to pray that God will bless you.

We pray for protection to keep you healthy and happy and that you will be brave, confident and valiant!

Here is to 6 months!

2 Comments on “6 months… paging doctor cash…

  1. You’re growing soooo fast and getting cuter every day! Nana and Pappy miss and love you soooo much! God bless you always!

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