7 months… the mom club…

Mothers day!

Since I turned twenty-five, I’ve always wanted to “turn back the hands of time”… In fact, for my thirtieth birthday my cake said “happy twenty-fifth birthday”.

However, over the last few years I’ve realized that life actually gets better with each year that passes… New year– I’m an Aunt… New year– I graduate from college… New year–  new job… New year– plan a wedding… New year– married… New year– new home… New year– pregnant… New year– BABY!

Each new year brings new “clubs” and with those “clubs” comes new adventures and new feelings!  I keep thinking there is no way life can get better than this… but than it does.

Don’t get me wrong, with age comes responsibility.  The struggles are real and so are the growing pains.  But these trials makes me a warrior, they makes me stronger, they make me a better friend, sister, wife, daughter, mother!

This year I am celebrating my first official Mothers Day! What a blessing!

Proving that once again with each year life keeps getting better!

Thank you Cash and Devin for bringing me into the best club EVER! MOTHERHOOD!


Happy 7 months to my baby boy!

Well kid we did it. Our first solo trip without Daddy. You were an angel, and I was a warrior. From lugging all the luggage from the West Coast to the west side of manhattan to lining up baby sitters and housing to organizing visits and play dates all while working.

I feel stronger than ever and more blessed than ever.

While mommy went to work you spent time with your God parents, your BFF Jesse and just about everyday with Aunt Rachel (the lifesaver)!

It has been an awesome month!

Seven months looks good on you!  You are doing so many new things! You are officially sitting up all on your own and love it!!!!! You very rarely fall over and are managing to keep that big old noggin up at all times! In fact, you are bouncing and rolling and moving around all the time. Your dad and I think you are working hard to add crawling to your resume.

Things you love: Any time Nemo comes around you, when I sing AND ACT OUT  “I’m A Little Teapot”, playing peekaboo, being tickled, being kissed on the neck, and mornings!

You have graduated to the big boy tub and LOVE it. You splash and laugh all through bath time.

Speaking of splashing, you are officially swimming! You started your swim classes, and the teacher says you are a natural! Not one tear, even when you went under water for the first time. Maybe you will be an ironman like your daddy.

On top of all of that, I can say you are officially eating solid foods! We were off to rocky start, but you have got the hang of it now and eat three real meals a day… And by real meals, I mean what ever mommy has pureed for you! I’ve been making all your food and love doing it.
At the moment your favorite foods are pear, banana and avocado mixed together (banana avocado smoothie as Uncle Matt calls it) and prunes.

You and your dad officially have that boy bond thing happening. I love to watch it. Your face lights up when he comes home from work or back from the gym, and he makes you laugh and smile for hours. You have the best dad ever!

You and me are busy doing our thing. You know me… keeping us busy with classes, play dates, church, flash cards, walks and reading! You make my days full and fun.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all fun this month… Would you believe you got two more teeth? And these bad boys were not easy on you. You had an entire week of teething and sleepless nights. Your dad and I felt so bad for you. This was all happening while you were eating more and more solid foods. And those solids were doing a number on your tummy… but your a champ and seem to be pushing through (no pun intended).

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the world’s best baby. Thank you for hours of entertainment and smiles. Thank you for being you… we promise to make sure you always feel like you are enough… we promise to communicate, teach, protect, pray, love, laugh and cherish you.

One Comment on “7 months… the mom club…

  1. Happy 1st Mother’s Day, Sweet Joyous! And you’re right, life does actually get better with each year that passes. That being said, don’t let the moments you are in pass you by. It seems that only yesterday that you were my little baby! And now you are grown with your own baby and doing a marvelous job as first time mother! It warms my heart to see how well you nurture him….a natural mother, so intuitive! You are way ahead of your time. You are blessed with a wonderful husband (my sweet son-in-law) and a beautiful, healthy and happy baby (my precious grandson)! May God continue to bless you all!

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