a journey “home”

When my husband and I moved to San Francisco 16 months ago, I came along kicking and screaming. It was nothing personal against the city itself; it was just how personal New York was to me.

In the beginning, I never really gave San Francisco a chance. In fact, I spent the first 6 months of our time here in the clouds… Literally. I was on a plane every other week traveling to LA for auditions and flying back and forth to the East Coast for work opportunities, teaching and family obligations. People began to make jokes calling San Francisco my “vacation home.”

After a heart to heart with the hubby, we quickly realized we were in San Francisco for a reason and not just for his work opportunity. We truly believe and believed that there was emotional, mental, spiritual and relational growth to be done in this gorgeous city. Therefore, it was time for me to stop collecting frequent flyer miles, stop comparing San Francisco to NYC and to start committing to San Francisco and all it has to offer. The first place I started was the church. At this time I was a soon to be mom, so I jumped into a moms group at Epic Church and never looked back. Not only did our church support our pregnancy and our marriage, but we created amazing friends that will forever be our family.

In addition, to the church and all the awesomeness it had to offer, our son was born in San Francisco, and it was an incredible experience. We received the most amazing care prior to his birth, during his birth and still are receiving so much TLC from our doctors, friends and teachers. In addition to that, Cash and I have become soooooo involved in the “mommy/baby community” enjoying everything from swim class and music class, to picnics and park play dates every week. We are staying busy, happy and healthy. So I guess you can say I took the idea of San Francisco being my “vacation home” to heart because it’s just that– Everyday feels like a vacation. Because of the beautiful weather, the friendly people, our amazing apartment complex and local coffee shops, everyday is heaven. I’m forever thankful to my husband for challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and comfort city and for helping me to see the beauty of San Francisco.

So it is with a heavy yet happy heart that we announce our journey back to the east coast. Our time in San Francisco has come to an end. We are officially going from the west side of the country back to being Westsiders of New York City.

And while we are elated to be reunited with family and friends and to start again in the city of opportunity, I will be leaving a peace of my heart in San Francisco.

Thank you Epic Church and our San Francisco family for teaching us the true meaning of friendship and support. Thank you sunny California for teaching my son about Mother Earth and nature, and thank you to my husband for giving our family this amazing opportunity!

4 Comments on “a journey “home”

  1. A wonderful tribute to your time in SF! Our journeys are always full of blessings, if we only stop kicking, let go, and embrace every opportunity that comes before us. We are so very happy you are coming back to the east coast. We miss you, Devin and Cash, and look forward to getting together more often and create family memories! LOVE and HUGS!!!! Thank you, Devin 🙂

  2. What beautiful pictures and a lovely tribute to your life in San Francisco! When you moved there, I too, was kicking and screaming on the inside! What mother wants her child to live across the country, thousands of miles away? However, I must also thank Devin, my Sweet Son-in-law! If you two hadn’t moved there and started a family there, I would not have had the opportunity to visit and get to know that lovely “city by the bay”! And I have watched you grow into a wonderful, nurturing young mother and bond so lovingly as a family…..God’s plans are not our plans, but all works out when we put our trust in Him.
    We are so very thankful and excited to have you coming “home” to the East coast! Continue to trust God in all you do and look forward to new beginnings back here!
    God’s blessings,
    Mom and Jim

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