you’re ahead… therefore, i’m behind!

I finally had a minute to highlight your 8th and 9th month… and boy have you been busy!

I’m quite behind on keeping up with all your developments… But it’s because of your developments I’m behind.

You no longer sit still, and therefore, there is no down time for me. No down time for me means no writing, no blogging and truthfully, not much time for anything that doesn’t involve you and your mobility. By mobility, I mean keeping you from the dog food and from bopping your head as you lift, scoot, crawl, and shuffle.

Speaking of bopping your head– we had our first official accident while in NYC (yes that’s correct. You had yet another cross country trip– SF to NYC. NYC to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh to SF– I’ll come back to that– for now let’s go back to you bopping around). While in NYC, you became mobile and mommy wasn’t ready for it. It’s true what they say… “One minute babies do nothing… The next minute they do everything.” In any case, we ended up at the doctor who appreciated that I was extra cautious but was reassured by your smile and giggling that you were fine. She also said she was sorry to report this would be the first of many tumbles. I would however, like to request there not be many more tumbles. I’m hoping she is wrong, and that you will turn out to be the most graceful 26 pound 9 month old baby there ever was 🙂

Yep that’s correct. You weigh 26 pounds!!!
Side note: you are 30″ long and are in the 99.9% for height and weight. (Fun fact: your head is not on the charts).

You have been busy traveling with us for daddy’s work (NYC), mommy’s work (Louisiana) and family obligations Pittsburg). Cuz D and Cuz B had their first summer travel league baseball tournament, and we weren’t going to miss that (or the chance to show off your swimming skills in Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike’s pool over Memorial Day weekend).

Shortly after you turned 7 months you started crawling and haven’t stopped moving since… You are keeping me on my toes. Even with a baby gate and a helpful Pack n’play you manage to pick on Nemo and terrorize the kitty cat.

Your developments are quite impressive AND keeping you up at night. You are a text book case when it comes to sleep regression… You are so excited about everything you are accomplishing during the day that you are not sleeping, and you not sleeping means I’m not sleeping. In fact, last night you played for three hours as you rejected your 7pm bedtime. From 6:30-9:30pm you showed me all your new tricks even while confined to your comfy crib; Crawling… Pulling yourself up… Walking along the crib… Rolling your tongue…. Making fun noises with your lips… Playing “peek a boo”, imitating and bouncing all around. Wearing yourself out was not and has not been an option for the last 4 weeks (invert yawn and sigh). Even with your dad out of town frequently for business and me being on double duty, I can’t be mad that we are loosing sleep because you are (a) so stinking cute, (b) so proud of your accomplishments and (c) cracking yourself up. All of which makes me smile, even at 3am.

You are eating like a champ! I’m still making all your food, but now that you don’t “have” to eat purées, I’m stepping up my game and finding fun healthy recipes for you and the family. You LOVE chili, lasagna, eggs, broccoli, tater tots, spinach bites and even burritos. You love fruit and cheese and still can’t get enough avocado. Prunes and pears are still a favorite, but truthfully, there isn’t much you won’t eat. We have been making it a priority to eat as many meals as possible as a family. I’m sure daddy is grateful that you love breakfast as he is benefitting from the omelets and homemade apple cinnamon pancakes as well.
Speaking of food–
You are such a ham! You talk to and smile at everyone!!! From the concierge employees in our building to the strangers in the coffee shop… You bring a smile everywhere you go! You are waving and laughing and gabbing to get all the attention. Cashiers at the grocery store, strangers on the street, friends at church and friends in music class keep predicting you are going to be a professional athlete because of your size. Your dad and I just laugh and smile.

Throughout all of our travel you were reunited with some of your favorites and introduced to many new favorites.


Nana is officially your favorite babysitter. She has been traveling with us and helping to lighten the load, and boy do you love spending time with her and vice versa.

Your favorite things to do:
Play the drums at music class
Picnic with Emory and Maya
Sit and stand (all night long) in your crib
Wave hi and goodbye
Examine mommy and daddy’s teeth
Take baths (and poop in them)
Imitate sounds and lip movements

Things you could live without:
Getting your diaper changed
Riding in your car seat
Getting dressed

Dear Cash,
Your dad and I still cannot believe how much our lives have changed since you came along. We look forward to everyday with you. We thank you for making us parents and for teaching us about life, love, laughter, patience, faith and God. Oh, how we pray we that we will always remember these movements, and that we will continue to learn from each other and help you to be the best person you can be.
Thank you for reminding us what life is about… Thank you for helping us to focus on friendships, relationships, faith, family and love.

We love you sweet boy… now lets get back to sleeping through the night!


2 Comments on “you’re ahead… therefore, i’m behind!

  1. Dear Cash, your mommy is doing a terrific job with this monthly blog about you! The pictures are priceless and the details of your day to day living will be forever cherished when you look back on this every so often through the years! You have brought so much fun into all our lives and we are so very blessed! May God continue to bless you and your loving family and keep you safe through all your travels!! (And that should keep Him busy, because you sure do trave!)
    Kisses, hugs, and lots of love, Nana

  2. We enjoy Cash updates, pictures and development stories! We look forward to seeing you soon and getting to hug and kiss and play with this handsome grandson of ours (before he goes off to college and/or professional sports!) 🙂 Blessings to y’all. Love you! Miss you!

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