Happy Birthday America…

… and Maya!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always worked on the Fourth of July.  Every year Devin would complain about us never doing anythng for the fourth and every year I would tell him he could join me at what ever hosting job I had or conference center I would be stuck in… However, now that we have Cash I’ve cut back on travel and work and that means being together as a family for the Fourth… Since it’s been so long since I had to “make plans” for this holiday I was relieved (and excited) when the Wade family told me we would be celebrating Maya’s first birthday Fourth of July.

…So this family suited up in our Patriotic colors, bbq’d, laughed, ate, drank, celebrated two birthdays and managed to even have a brief history lesson (thanks to Dustin, his America History Education, current service to our country and killer American Flag shorts).

Managed to document some of the fun we had with some of our favorite people and thier little cuties.

party party party

One Comment on “Happy Birthday America…

  1. I love you..and I love our babies!! We are so blessed to have wonderful friends like you guys and to share holidays/birthdays with:).


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