lovely day at oyster point…

There are some people in life that that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and just live a little better…

These are our people!

Devin and I can’t spend enough time with these two families, and their little love bugs. Not only did we all move to San Francisco around the same time but our babies are all a month apart!  It’s been such a blessing going through this journey with these amazing, talented, loving, kind, hilarious, fun and inspiring people!

Today we picnicked at Oyster Point.  It was a stunning Saturday here in San Francisco, and when we weren’t all swooning over our kiddo’s we managed to play a little football and soccer and hike close to four miles.


It was a perfect day… great food… great fun… great friends…
Everyday Devin and I are thankful for our friends…
We are blessed to have so many people in our lives that remind us we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem and smarter than we think…

2 Comments on “lovely day at oyster point…

  1. We are blessed to have YOU in our lives, inspiring us to adventure and try new things, showing us how to adapt and stay positive, and, of course, sharing with us all of it through your blog and pictures. (Cash’s face in this last family selfie is adorable! He’s watching how it’s done and will be doing his own real soon.) 🙂 HUGS!

  2. Another beautifully written blog with great pics! Yes, you are truly blessed to have these lovely friends in your lives, living so far away from home and family! And we are truly blessed knowing you are happy and have made a loving home in the city by the bay! May God continue to bless you all in the remaining months you have left out there! It goes without saying that we are looking forward to your move back East!
    Love and miss you all, Mom (better known as Nana!)

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