10 months… Cash meet Crash…

I can’t even believe you are ten months old! I honestly cannot wrap my mind around how fast things are moving… Including you. You are the fastest crawler I have ever seen! It’s amazing to watch you learn a “trick” one day and master it the next.

You are standing up — on your own, and if you do use the assistance of the coffee table or your dads head, you quickly let go and want no help.

We are mesmerized by your developments, and your personality is really starting to show.
It is clear that you hate being strapped in to ANYTHING– car seat, stroller, high chair…. even clothes.
You love to laugh and make people smile.

You love to rival any loud noise… the vacuum, the vita-mix, my singing 🙂 as soon as something loud kicks in you smile and laugh and try to out “loud” it.
You love to play “where’s mamma”… I hide and say “where’s mamma,” and you giggle and the laugh the whole time as you crawl to me. And then “where’s mamma” turns in to an advanced game of peekaboo.
You also love to play a mean game of peekaboo with anything you can look under… Blankets, rugs, tables, toys. We are always wandering what you are looking for.

We made another trip this month… Imagine that. We went to Los Angeles to visit Aunt Lyndsy… Oh, and you finally got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Wittrock, mommy’s classmates and dear friends from Juilliard.

LA proved to be exciting with swimming, walks, dinners, jam sessions and lots of play time with Aunt Lyndsy. However, our trip was much shorter than planned because the normal 6 hour drive down ended up taking 17 hours because someone HATES their car seat (a new car seat non the less). You are really going to have to get better at this whole car seat thing if you want to keep going places.

Speaking of going places… If we take our eyes off you for one second, you are climbing, crawling, and causing some serious havoc. Your dad has nicknamed you “Crash” as you run into furniture, pull furniture down or on top of you, throw food and grab anything you aren’t supposed to have from cell phones to toilet paper.
This month in particularly has us on our toes but also has us laughing. You have so much personality. In fact, yesterday morning you woke us up with a noise that sounded like “hey,” and when we looked over to your crib, you were staring at us smiling and waving… you LOVE to wave!

Your personality is also coming through during meal time. When we put down several options on your high chair chances are you go directly to the fruit first. Especially blueberries and strawberries. You love spinach, eggs, fruit (except watermelon and cantaloupe), pasta, chicken, broccoli… you love to eat.

Dear Crash– thanks for keeping us extremely entertained this month, and thank you for finally re-recognizing your bedtime, it’s nice to be able to get a little sleep. One thing we ask is that you take it easy on the furniture, the dog the cat and the floors… Let’s work on these crash landings.  We love you so much and are so honored to be your parents and are so proud of you!


You love our at home jam sessions and our music class jam session… You seem to enjoy playing the drum the most!  It’s so fun watching you discover the beat and the different instruments.


One Comment on “10 months… Cash meet Crash…

  1. My sweet “Cashman”,
    I can certainly attest to your mommy’s comments since I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Virgina with you! I saw first hand how well you eat, how fast you crawl and stand and want to go go go! And most of all how pleasant and delightful you act around a lot of people…..personality plus!!!
    I love you so much and can’t wait until we can spend more time together. God has truly blessed us all with you!!
    Love, Nana

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