my kid… my hero…

We have been so busy with traveling and preparing for another cross country move… I’ve been a little delayed with posting about your 10th month as a tiny human… better late than never!

11 months?!? How did this happen? How can you be 11 months old?

Just short of 20 flights and visiting 6 states and countless cities you are a traveling fool, and you have only been in this world for eleven months!

This month alone you traveled from California to Virginia, New York and New Jersey.

Flying with you is getting a little more difficult as you are getting so big and so mobile. It’s not fun for you to be confined for so many hours, but I have to say, you always have a smile on your face, and more importantly, you bring a smile to those around you on the flight… not an easy task.

We traveled to VA for my work and you got to spend six days with Nanna. She was dead set on teaching you how to walk by using your stroller… YOU LOVED IT! The only problem now is that you would rather push your stroller than ride in it (thanks Nanna). You had a blast in Virginia as you and Nanna had another chance to bond and spend time together! Your father and I are always so thankful to her and we are grateful for her help, insight and support!

Just as soon as we got back to the west coast, we turned around as a family to travel back east to look for an apartment (and mommy and daddy both had business in the big apple). It was a successful trip. You got to see your bestie Jessie, your God parents and Eleanor, ride in the swings in the park, play with Aunt Rachel and ride the subway! Pretty soon these things and these people will be a part of your everyday life!

As for developments?!? Well they keep happening… you have 10 teeth, you are eager to walk, you are fast as lighting when you crawl, you LOVE to dance and groove, you love to swim and play with instruments. You are obsessed with your basketball and basketball hoop!

You can still do without getting your diaper changed and being confined to clothes, strollers, and car seats, but once we get you dressed and get going, you are distracted enough to enjoy yourself and always love your “mommy and me adventures”.

You make your dad and I laugh ALL. THE. TIME… whether it’s your need to babble when you are tired, laugh when other people are laughing to “join in the fun,” or wake at 2am and think it’s party time… you always keep us entertained.

Speaking of waking in the middle of the night… You are still not sleeping through the night, but to be honest, it’s okay– as I look forward to the quiet time with you and love when you fall back asleep in my arms as you nurse. However, at least once a week you love a middle of the night party. Sometimes while you nurse your eyes pop wide open, you start to giggle and I think… “oh no,” and sure enough you are cracking up, tapping your dad on the head, trying to pet Nemo, tickling me and doing your infamous “Nestea Ice Tea Plunge” in our bed. Some people may not get the 90’s reference, but in short, you think it’s hilarious to stand up and just fall straight back on the bed over and over again until you tire yourself out and fall back asleep.

Current clothing size: 18-24

Current nick name: Bamm-Bamm (in addition to picking heavy things up all the time… one morning you woke up with one arm out of your sleeve and your dad has been calling you Bamm-Bamm ever since).

Current favorite food: blueberries

Current favorite things to do: swim class, music class and walk around the house with your walker– you love your walker!!!

Current favorite toy: a suitcase! due to all our travel… there is always one out… and you LOVE them! obsessed!

Current favorite adventure: Going to the San Francisco Children’s Creativity museum with your music buddies, Elliot and Grayson

To my bruiser, my Bamm-Bamm, my baby– thank you for being an everyday reminder of God’s love and Daddy’s love. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see grass, wind, birds, trees, water and people differently. Thank you for seeing everything and everyone in an innocent judgement free way. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better human!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you so much!


2 Comments on “my kid… my hero…

  1. Oh! How fast he’s growing! Thank you for sharing through this blog your family adventures, Cash’ development, his SWEET SWEET face in all the pictures, and the inspiration to live life fully and be better people through a child’s eye. We LOVE you, MISS you, and PRAY for you as you travel and experience all of God’s plans for your precious family! HUGS for y’all. Cash……Grandma and Grandpap look forward to getting to know you more, spending time playing, and smothering you with our XOXO, as we gather as a family on the East Coast.

  2. Thank you, my sweet Joyous, for sharing these great pictures and wonderful stories of our little “Cashman” and all his adventures!
    And to you, my precious grandson, thank you for all the “joy” you bring into our lives! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of your early growing stages and share in some of your adventures over these past 11 months! And it goes without saying that you are blessed to have a mommy and daddy who love and nourish you with all their God-given talent and abilities! May God continue to bless you all and keep you in His loving care!

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