fall fun…

Wow. What a month! From a very sick kitty cat, to a cross country move, to a one year old who just really doesn’t need or WANT to sleep, our family has had it’s fair share of trials this month. I understand the cycle… I understand there are good and bad times, easy and challenging times and exciting and boring times, but when you are running on two hours of sleep, it’s hard to understand anything at all.
With Cash cutting molars, adjusting to a new room, a new city, a new life and his mom and dad doing the same (minus the molars), I’m happy to say goodbye to Oct!

While there are many moments this month I’m not so proud of, one thing I am proud of is my ability to start each day with a fresh outlook!
Devin and I don’t have all the answers when it comes to marriage or parenting. This month we clung to each new day and even managed to take a deep breath and have some fall fun! It’s one thing I hope we remain good at… looking at each day as a fresh start and remembering no problem is too big as long as we have each other!

From pumpkin picking to Halloween, I wanted to share this month blessings!

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

We went to the Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard fall festival!

It was so much fun!

We let Cash pick out some pumpkins, ride the tractor, participate in bouncy house fun and even have his first taste of homemade apple cider! It was a great day for the family as we ate amazing food, listened to live music and saw joy and happiness in our baby boys face as he discovered and played!


Cash loved the animals!

… and the cider

Our family’s first official Halloween Party!

As born and raised “Yinzers” we wanted to make sure Cash truly understands his roots…

Pittsburgh — home of mom and dad (and Heinz ketchup!)

Our little packet of Ketchup was first runner up in the Halloween costume contest… he lost to a Latte…

Lucky for him… mama brought home the first place trophy from her Halloween party that night with Aunt Michelle!

Halloween Champs!

3 Comments on “fall fun…

  1. Beautiful blog,beautiful pictures, most of all…..beautiful family! Love your creativity!
    May you Continue to live by God’s word!

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