another year… another wish…



Birthdays were big in my house. My parents always made the day special.  Some of my most vivid memories as a child are of my birthdays… Anxiously watching as my dad decorated my homemade birthday cake with precision and care, carefully planning a sleepover with my girlfriends and a family birthday party with my mom,  waiting for my dad to come home after work with a balloon and sentimental birthday card, waking up to my mom’s entertaining  singing (to put it nicely) of Happy Birthday followed by a hug and a kiss and letting me pick the dinner menu…

My parents made me  feel so special on my birthday that I remember wishing everyday was my birthday.

Funny how that changes when you get “older“.  How after you have hit all the exciting birthdays; 16, 18, 21, 25… you start to dread birthdays or even wish you could turn back the hands of time (well at least thats how I felt).  In fact, my best friends from high school still joke and ask me “how old we are?” as they lovingly play along with my “age game” since I never admit my “actual” age.

However, something about this birthday was different.

The fear of getting older is no longer a fear but more of a badge of honor.

What made this birthday different?

Is it the love and safety I feel from my husband and family? Is it the fact that I now understand the meaning of true friendship, who those friends are, and how lucky I am to have them? Is it the pride I take in my job as a stay at home mom, or the confidence I have with my art and craft as an actor? I don’t know what it is… but this year I was humbled by my loved ones… This year when it was time to blow out the candles and “make a wish”… I didn’t want to make a wish at all… instead I wanted to scream THANK YOU… to burst into tears of joy and gratitude and thank God for the love I feel in my heart and all around me.


Birthdays are wonderful! It’s nice to take a moment and look back at your year… at your triumphs and trials at your mistakes and magnificent moments…  It’s wonderful to feel loved and to be reminded of what is important in life.  It’s wonderful to reflect, to learn, to strive, to glow.

Truth talk: This is not at ALL how I pictured my life at 36 years old…

… But the picture of my life is one filled with growth, happiness, dreams, love, and faith!  And therefore, I would say it’s picture perfect.


Speaking of pictures… I did celebrate my birthday!  I spent the day with my loves at the Central Park Zoo and a girls night out with my amazing friends!

Dear Mom and Dad- thanks for always making birthdays a big deal! I’m so thankful!

Dear friends and family- thank you for the most wonderful birthday weekend!  Thank you for the phone calls, the texts, the social media shout outs, the cards, the generous gifts and the love!


(P.S. Sorry Nikki, Missy, Dana and Kelly– the secrets out… we are no longer 29).

3 Comments on “another year… another wish…

  1. “…. my dad decorated my homemade birthday cake with precision and care,” We will need to see this culinary skill again in the near future. 🙂 As we celebrate birthdays, we reflect on the many blessings of the year past and pray for them in the year to come. You are certainly one of our many blessings, and we wish you a “Happy Everyday” and a “Thank You” for sharing these precious thoughts and pictures. We love you!

  2. My Sweet Joyous,
    Where have the years gone? I do miss those days when you were little, but oh how proud I am of the woman, wife, and mother you’ve become! No matter what age you are, you will always be my little girl😌 My only regret is that we are not always together these days to celebrate, but I know we are always together in spirit!
    Wishing you another year of blessings!

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